289-302 rotating assemblies

All assemblies include:

crank, pistons, rods, rings, bearings

   level 1 $1200
302-347cid for stock 289 or 302 block
Cast steel eagle crank
Eagle forged rods
Hypereutectic pistons and matching rings
Speed pro bearings
Rated for 300-450hp

   Level 2 $1600
302-363cid stock or aftermarket blocks
Eagle forged crank
Eagle forged rods
Forged pistons Icon or Probe with matching rings
Clevite H series bearings
Rated for 450-650hp

   Level 3 $2200
302-363cid stock and aftermarket blocks
Eagle Forged crank
Manley forged rods
Diamond pistons and matching rings
Clevite H series bearings
Rated for 450-950hp

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