351w core parts


Certified Blocks
Baked, blasted, magged and sonic tested $400 std block
Baked, blasted, magged and sonic tested $600 roller block

Car or truck heads baked blasted and magged   $200
GT40 heads baked blasted and magged             $400
GT40P heads baked blasted and magged           $500

Take outs $50

Thermally cleaned set of 8 $50

Used parts
timing covers cleaned $40
Oil pan car cleaned $40
Oil pan truck cleaned $85
Milodon front sump oil pan $80
Rocker arms $50 cleaned
Aluminum intake manifolds 4 barrel cleaned $120

Misc new parts
408 stroker pistons from KB $375 new
Polished aluminum valve covers $80
HEI distributor $50