430/462 MEL New Parts

Hydraulic roller camshaft kits with lifters and distributor gear $1400
    stage 1-3 or custom cam add $100


Water pumps new $370


Stock camshafts with corrected journals $375
(note new camshaft have two lobes in the wrong place)


Performance camshafts $475 with good core $750 without core
(medium choppy idle requires pushrod change)


Performance camshafts $950 (very aggressive camshaft good for bid cid strokers)


MSD or FAST distributors altered to work for MEL engines $590 with core


Stainless steel adjustable roller rockers $300


Complete roller rocker assemblies $650 with HD stands and new shafts


3/8 valve covers spacers for using roller rockers $125


Complete self tuning FAST EFI systems for MEL engine $3800
(Includes 30402 kit FAST system, carb spacer kit, 4 barrel intake, FAST distributor for MEL)


SFI flexplate 462  $90


Flexplate 430  $165


Complete Gasket kits with rubber rear main & timing cover to PS pump seal $195


New head bolts $125


New main bolts $65


Timing set      $125


Need anything else? BHP can make up a complete kit for you.