We pride ourselves in building custom designed engines and kits specifically for the application it will be used for. Please fill out the below questions to better help us design an engine or kit that best serves your needs. Then copy it and send it to us. We will quote a custom engine or kit for you ASAP!
Thanks from the Barnett High Performance team!

                                              Engine question sheet

1. What manufacturer of engine do you want?

2. What style of engine do you want?

3. What are you doing with the engine? Cruising, towing, street driving, street racing, road racing, racing, drag, circle track, mud racing, mud bogging, pulling, hill climbing or other. 

4. What are your power goals?   HP and TQ

5. What octane and type of fuel are you planning to use?  

6. Are you running a blower, turbo or nitrous? 

       If so, what boost or HP NOS will you use?

7. What rpm ranges are you planning on running?

8. What heads are you wanting to run, iron or aluminum? 

9. What gear ratio,      tire size,       transmission,       converter        are you running?

10. Are there hood restrictions for how tall the engine can be?

11. Do you need vacuum for power brakes or transmission? 

12. What is the budget range you have to work with?