Barnett High Performance provides a 3 year 36,000 mile warranty on new street stock or marine engines broken in or tested by BHP. This warrants that the new engine is free from defect in materials and workmanship during assembly. If ever you feel you have received a defective part or engine from BHP you MUST send it back to BHP to be inspected. We will then disassemble the engine or part and determine what happened to it. This does not mean that BHP will warranty any part. If we feel the part has failed because of BHP we will credit, replace or repair ONLY. No refunds.
Street racing
engines or engines used for anything other than normal use have 1 year limited warranty when tested by BHP. This excludes racing, nitrous, supercharged or turbocharged engines. We don’t warranty flat tappet cams.
It is the responsibility of the purchaser to have a certified mechanic install and do in chassis tuning to the engine prior to running it and or to inspect the parts carefully before use. BHP requires all engines to use knock sensors available from various companies or from BHP.
BHP will not in any way reimburse for any shipping charges. You must insure your package! Customer will pay all shipping to and from BHP!
We do not express the legality of any part for emissions or street for any state.
this being said, BHP is a God fearing company and realizes that we will have to answer for our actions someday. We also believe that we should treat others as we want to be treated. There are exceptions in some cases. BHP will do what seems fair at our discretion to rectify the situation if an issue happens.