Original iron heads. Completely rebuilt, bowl blend porting, assembled with SS valves,
dual valve springs for under .600 lift, positive locking valve seals $1120


We no longer sell Procomp!!

Dart Iron Eagle $1200 setup for street .600 lift
180-200cc intake runners 58-64cc chambers


Trickflow street heads $1200
170-206cc intake runners 58-61cc chambers


Trickflow street heads CNC ported $1600
190-240cc intake runner 56-76cc chambers


RHS street heads $1300
180-215cc intake runners 58-62cc chambers


RHS street heads CNC ported $2150
205-221cc intake runners 62cc chambers


Add stage 2 $150 valve springs for solid flat tappet cam or hyd roller up to .650
This also upgrades you to 10 degree locks and retainers


Or add stage 3 $450 for valve upgrade, valve springs for solid roller up to .700 lift
This also upgrades you to Titanium 10 degree retainers