429 460 core parts

Baked, blasted, magged and sonic tested $700 std block
Baked, blasted, magged and sonic tested $1100 DOVE or thick DIVE block

460 take outs $75 internal
460 take outs $75 external

Baked, blasted and magged
closed chamber $400

Connecting Rods
Car rods thermally cleaned $60 a set

Misc used parts
CJ OEM intake iron $200
March pulleys crank and water pump aluminum serpentine $120
Crank and water pump pulley kits $60 a set
Rocker arms sets $50 cleaned
4.500 flat top 1.25CH pistons for 572cid forged used $500

Misc new parts
Lunati 8.55 5/16 pushrods new $30 a set of 16
Oil filter fittings $10
Felpro blue head gaskets $20 a set or $80 for 10 pack
Head dowel and transmition dowel kits $15
Replacement main bolts compare to ARP $75 a set of 10
Replacement head bolts compare to ARP 105 a set of 20