Example engine!

     Big Ford 598+cid
Up to 1000 horsepower 
Up to 800 torque 
Runs on 112 octane 

Great for drag race, truck pull, mud bogger
BHP custom grind roller camshaft
Eliminator Products block
Roller cam bearings
Forged crank

Forged rods
Diamond pistons with matching rings
Romac balancer
Rollmaster timing set
HV water pump
Aftermarket oil pan

Trickflow A460 intake
Trickflow A460 heads
MSD distributor
Quickfuel Dominator Carb

Minimum cost Level 1 $26000 parts, machined block and assembled heads
Minimum cost Level 2 $27000 parts, machined and assembled short block, assembled heads
Minimum cost Level 3 $32300