351c engines

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Please email us for a custom quoted engine specific for your application.


   Budget 351cid
up to 450 horse power 

Hot street 93 octane
OEM block fully machined
Eagle steel crank
Eagle steel rods
KB floating pistons
Custom hyd roller cam
Full roller rockers
Front sump stock style

Short single plane intake
BHP prepared Iron heads
Crate engine $8800

   Performance stroker
383-408cid up to 570hp
Hot street
93 octane
OEM block fully machined
Eagle cast steel crank
Eagle forged rods
Icon forged pistons
Custom hydraulic roller cam
Full roller rockers
Trickflow Single plane intake
Trickflow aluminum heads
Crate engine $11300

  Signature series Clevor
383-446cid 680hp  

hot street 93 octane
Iron Dart block 
Eagle Forged crank
Manley Forged rods 
Forged pistons
Custom Hydraulic roller cam
 single plane intake
Trickflow cnc ported
aluminum heads
Canton oil pan 

MSD distributor
Race series plugs & wires
Quickfuel Carb
Dyno tuned
Complete engine $16700

   Pro Street Clevor
408-410cid up to 900+HP

93 octane fuel
Dart block

Scat forged crank
Manley forged rods
Diamond pistons
Custom hyd roller cam
Canton oil pan
Hampton Blower kit
Trickflow heads
Dual Quickfuel carbs
MSD distributor
Fully tested and dynoed

Complete engine $22000


Call or email for a custom quote.

We also offer:
Finishing kit: MSD distributor, Quickfuel Carb, Spark plugs and wires. Starting at $770

Complete engine break-ins includes timing adjustment and carb adjustment
$550 Includes oil, oil filter and gas.

Holley EFI starting at $1700 installed

Basic dyno tune $400

Super street dyno tune using O2 sensors estimated at $300 plus jets or carb spacers.

Upgraded dyno tune with forced induction, NOS or injection add $500 plus fuel