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                                       Barnett High Performance mission

At Barnett High Performance we are striving to meet your custom engine needs. We provide excellence and integrity, honoring God in the process. Your project is designed using our background in racing, engine building and dynoing, machining, and R&D to meet the specific needs of your current or vintage application.

                                                      About us!

     We are excited to be doing what we do! We love anything with an engine and have been learning about what goes on inside them since we could see to peek under the hood. Our engine builders turned their passion for engines from a hobby back in the early 90s to being able to dream with you our customers over every engine we work on. We are not a giant company, but that is a strength because we can take the time to focus on what’s important. You are not just a number with us. We are a family owned and operated company. That means we will pass that on and treat our customers just like we would want someone else to treat our family. Also, the experience level here runs deep. Our restoration specialist knows what classics should look like, because he was driving them before they were classics. We also are not afraid to do things no one else is doing and have some unique things to offer as a result. At BHP this isn’t just a job for us, but something we get to do everyday. How many people can say that?