FE short blocks

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level 1 stroker for up to 550 HP
OEM block fully machined
Eagle Cast steel crank
Eagle Forged rods
Forged Icon or Probe pistons
406-444cid $5200 #short444FE


level 2 stroker for up to 650 HP
HD truck block fully machined
Scat Forged 4340 crank
Eagle Forged 4340 rods
Forged Icon or Probe pistons
406-461cid $6000 #short461FE


level 3 stroker for up to 750 hp
HD truck block
Main girdle
Scat forged crank
Premium Manley 4340 rods
Custom Diamond pistons
406-461cid $7000 #short461FE+


Level 4 stroker for up to 1500 hp
Aluminum Pond or Shelby block
Billet crankshaft
Billet Oliver rods
Diamond custom pistons
Starting at $15800 #short500FE

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