The new Eliminator Products 429/ 460 heads


Takes CJ intake manifold
Takes CJ or standard 429 460 headers
Stock valve angles and location as original iron DOVE or CJ heads


$1900 #ELIMBLK
Blank heads per set
no valve job heads are raw
iron guides sized to .341


$3100 #ELIMASS
Complete heads street
Street type valve job, iron guides, Manley valves, PBM retainers and springs
setup for .650 lift or less flat tappet or hyd roller


Add $350 for race setup
Race type valve job, iron guides, Manley or Ferrea valves,
Titanium retainers, setup for .750 lift or less solid roller.
240-270# seat and 650-700 open pressure


Optional upgrades available for these heads
Valve train kit for street heads $850
Valve train kit for race heads $1100
Titanium intake valves add $760 recommended for over .800 lift
Titanium exhaust valves add $760
Triple valve springs 300-370# at seat 850-900 open and retainer upgrade $300
We recommend Titanium valves for triple spring upgrade because of the spring pressure!
Guide plates and ARP studs $120
Head studs $230
Intake Gaskets $25
Large volume CJ dual plane intake $270
Race intake Trickflow SCJ $400-450
Intake manilfod porting starts at $300


Head porting
Level 1 hand porting $500
Cnc ported level 3 add $2000 fully ported with .090 step over
Cnc ported level 4 add $2500 fully ported with .035 step over
Level 4 adds roughly 30-40cfm intake and 20-30cfm exhaust depending on valve size used


They have 70-76cc combustion chambers, depending on valves used and depth of valve seat cut.


Port Volume
The SCJ intake runner 318 cc
SCJ exhaust runner 134cc


The basic machining is being done at Eliminator Products and can be finished at Barnett High Performance or any other machine shop that know how to machine blank raw heads.


It takes around 2 weeks to machine and assemble these heads depending on our work load.

Port flow out of complete heads from Barnett with 2.25 intake 1.72 exhaust valves
with our valve job and blend

intake flow 350cfm @.600 and 375cfm @.900 with 2.25 valve
exhaust flow 215cfm @ .600 and 240cfm @.900 with 1.76 valve

These prove to be the highest flowing factory valve angle 460 heads made period.