Eliminator Products Iron Super street

     Introducing the New super street heads!

The test engine! 11/15/2016

We built a 460 engine normally 460hp 5600rpms and 520tq at 4400rpm with Chinese aluminum heads. This engine has 9 to 1 compression. Custom designed hyd roller camshaft, Stealth intake manifold, Quickfuel carb and MSD ignition.
We switched to the super street heads and used a performer intake manifold. We made 464hp at 4900 rpms and 564tq at 3900rpms. So we gained a lot of torque but we also moved the power band down 500rpms. This would be even greater if we optimized the camshaft for the heads.   

100% American made

Small port size makes extremely high velocity


98cc revised chambers for possible lower compression engines

Intake port volume 240cc       Exhaust port volume 87

High efficiency heads makes more power then you average street head

Replaces standard small port heads with new technology

Uses Eliminator Products special high nickel iron recipe

Uses small 2.08 1.65 valves (bigger valves available)

Uses small standard size intake manifolds and exhaust

Can produce extremely high torque at low rpms when using the right cam

Work well for hot street engines, boats, tow trucks where rpms under 5000
are really the main concern.

These heads prove to produce more hp and torque then any other production head
below 4000rpms

Stock valve angles and valve spacing

As shipped comes for bolt down pedestals like D3VE type heads

(can upgrade to screw in studs and guide plates)


Assembled heads for hyd flat tappet under .600 lift
Comes with stainless Manley Valves
Single springs

Locks seal and retainers from Erson


Assembled heads for hyd roller cam under .600 lift
Comes with stainless Manley Valves 
Locks seal and retainers from Erson


Optional upgrades available for these heads
Guide plates and ARP studs $95
Machine for screw in studs and guide plates $185
Conversion kit for studs and guide plates $155
Head bolt $120
Intake Gaskets $25
Cut out floor out to match standard intake $200
Head porting
Level 1 hand porting $350

Level 2 hand porting $600


It takes around 2-4 weeks to machine and assemble these heads depending on our work load.