Many people have great cars or trucks with original engines. These engines get old and tired and eventually need a little help. We take customer core engines and rebuild them into many levels of power. We can do stock rebuilds or stroker HP wild things! Lets look at the process we go through to make an old worn out engine into a new and exciting power plant

Regular Performance rebuild $4200 for 289 302 engines
Engine is torn down and all parts are inspected for wear and damage.
All parts to be reused are cleaned
Blocks and heads are baked, blasted and crack checked
Block is sonic tested
Crank is cleaned and polished
Rods are cleaned and checked
Replace bearings, pistons, oil pump, gaskets, cam, lifters, timing set, valve springs
Block Bored and honed
Blocks have new cam bearings installed fit to the cam we will be running
Block decks and main bores checked
New valve job
Engine assembled and 100% blueprinted
Engine oiling system checked
Engine cooling system pressure tested


High Performance rebuild $5700 for 289 302 engines
All of the above plus
Torque plate hone
Rod bolts installed
Square deck using BHJ fixture
Performance pistons with performance rings
Performance gasket kit
Performance valve job with bowl blend porting
Performance camshaft installed and degreed
Raised compression when application allows for it


Optional upgrades    
Stroker rotating assembly upgrade starting at $1400
RHS aluminum heads start at $600
Full roller rocker upgrade $550
Performance valves and upgraded retainers start at $300
Hyd roller camshaft upgrade start at $700
Intake manifold upgrade start at $250
Distributor upgrade to MSD $315
Spark plugs and wires start at $65
New harmonic balancer start at $100
Quickfuel Carburetor upgrade start at $350
Complete engine breakin $750 flat tappet camshaft and $550 for roller camshaft
Basic dyno tune $400
Many more power upgrades available